Live in Color: Our Favorite Spring Jewelry

Live in Color: Our Favorite Spring Jewelry

Life is better with color, isn't it? Whether or not it feels like spring to you, the season is upon us, and we are embracing it. Give us all the pretty jewelry, whimsical trends, and Instagram-worthy getaways. 

Our Favorite Spring Jewelry

Our favorite spring jewelry isn't that different from our favorite everyday jewelry— we love pieces that are high-quality and will last generations while expressing your unique style. These are pieces you are excited to put on— gemstone and diamond jewelry that truly puts a spring in your step.

As a family business spanning three generations, we have always honored that which is original, superior, honest and True. True To design. True To quality. True To our craft. True To our partners. 

From one-of-a-kind designs to single stone sapphires to swirling diamond earrings, we hope you love these hand-picked pieces this season as much as we do: 


Rose Gold Diamond Eternal Ring

With 1.20 CTW of white diamonds, this 14k rose gold is an elegant choice from our ETERNAL collection. Shop it here. 


Rose Gold Coco & White Diamond Eternal Earring

The ETERNAL collection is our complete diamond collection. Every diamond has its own special identity and we strive to highlight the stones' best characteristics with thoughtful design and distinguished craftsmanship for lifetimes of wearability and enjoyment. These timeless coco and white diamond earrings— set in 14k rose gold— are no exception. Shop them here.


White Gold Diamond Eternal Earrings

Every jewelry collection deserves the perfect diamond earrings; this spring, why not add a twist? These extraordinary white diamond earrings set in 14k white gold are a sophisticated statement from our ETERNAL collection. Shop them here


Rose Gold Tanzanite & Diamond Heirloom Ring

This stunning tanzanite and coco and white diamond ring set in 14k rose gold is a brilliant design from our HEIRLOOM collection that features some of your favorite colored gemstones including precious rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, and sapphires. In this collection, you will find an array of rich designs from statement cocktail rings to brilliant earrings and pendants characterized by a precious gemstone set in gold and accented with diamonds. Shop it here


White Gold Lab Certified Sapphire & Diamond Heirloom Ring

Perfect for stepping out this spring, this one-of-a-kind sapphire and white diamond ring set in 14k white gold is an exquisite expression of beauty from our HEIRLOOM collection. Shop it here


White Gold Blue Diamond Eternal Necklace

A must-have necklace that you can be proud to wear every day, this classic, single stone blue diamond necklace is a vintage expression of elegance from our ETERNAL collection. Shop it here


White Gold Diamond Legendary Ring

This extraordinary white diamond ring set in 14k white gold is an exquisite expression of beauty from our LEGENDARY collection, showcasing an impressive 5.10 CTW of white diamonds. Shop it here


Yellow Gold Tanzanite and Yellow Diamond Renaissance Ring

With 4.50 CTW of tanzanite and yellow and white diamonds, it's easy to stand out in this ring. This exclusive tanzanite with yellow and white diamond ring set in 14k yellow gold is a sophisticated piece from our RENAISSANCE collection. Shop it here



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