Live Your Legacy

Our 5 jewelry collections are a manifestation of our creative vision and expert craftsmanship.


Our Diamond Collection

Diamonds are forever and so is the desire for beautiful diamond jewelry. Diamonds come in a range of colors — each hue having a slightly different combination of elements, all unique. Every diamond has its own special identity and we strive to highlight the stones best characteristics with thoughtful design and distinguished craftsmanship for lifetimes of wearability and enjoyment.


Our Colored Gemstone Collection

When you own a masterpiece, you want to pass it on for generations. Precious rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, and sapphires are just those masterpieces — true Legacy Quality heirlooms for your family to cherish. In this collection, you will find an array of rich designs from statement cocktail rings to brilliant earrings and pendants characterized by a precious gemstone set in gold and accented with diamonds.


Our Iconic Design Collection

A family trademarked design defined by an alternating pattern of princess cut and baguette diamonds. This popular collection was formerly known as the ”Prinuette” and now refreshed as our “Legendary” Collection. In addition, to our best-selling 2 carat band, we reimagined this collection for a more youthful client with contemporary layering necklaces, rings and earrings.


A Sun and Sea Inspired Collection

Found in only one place in the world, Tanzania the Tanzanite stone is beloved for its saturated blue-violet hue and intense vibrancy. Kallati had a vision to further compliment the tanzanite by flanking each creation with brilliant yellow diamonds. Each piece transports us across the sparkling seas for a fresh and very wearable style that is meant to be treasured.


A Diamond and Colored Gem Collection

Simply sophisticated and versatile, this collection is defined by a stripe of shimmering white diamonds that parallel a colored gemstone stripe center. Like your taste, the stones used in this collection vary from stunning rubies to yellow, pink and blue sapphires to cocoa and white diamonds. Each stone is meticulously set in gold, worn alone or as a suite, each adds the luxury of sparkle.

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